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Photography is the ideal gift,

for everyone who loves art, culture & life.


Be a Private Collector

Our fine prints record every moment of life, and photographs represent the soul of the artist.

Now is the time to become one of our collectors.

Amazing Gift

"This affordable artwork is a gift to me. It does not only tell us about the story but also my memory."

- A message from a traveller -


High Quality Photographic Paper

We use photographic paper on each piece of fine print product. It gives us the quality and the mood we prefer to choose.  Photographic paper is a paper coated with a light-sensitive chemical formula, it can remain unchanged color for a hundred years.

Remember Hong Kong

Shutteron fine prints capture every corner of Hong Kong without limits. We record the everyday scene of HK. Just by firing the shutter speed, we snatch every single moment and turn it to eternality.

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